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Product care

THIROS bags and accessories are made using top quality leather and faux leather, however, daily use, weather conditions as well as possible contact with perfumes/creams/oils will affect the appearance of the material.

Following the tips below will ensure that your newly acquired THIROS bag/accessory will continue to look like it's brand new through time.

  1. Do not place the bag on the floor/areas that are dirty and/or rough
  2. Clean your bag with a fresh cloth once a month
  3. Treat your leather bag every 6 months with a special leather fabric care cream following the instructions of the product you purchased
  4. Never use cleaners that contain alcohol
  5. When you're not using your bag, stuff it to keep its shape.
  6. Store the bag in a cloth storage bag so it can "breathe"
  7. If the bag is made of suede leather and is exposed to rain, do not blow dry it. With a soft cloth, dab the wet spots to absorb the moisture, fill the bag with newspapers and wait for it to dry on its own.


THIROS BAGS- 1 year warranty

Our purpose at THIROS BAGS is to provide high quality products and services, that's why and with the presence of proof of purchase , we provide a 1 year warranty to every customer.

The warranty covers repairs of a manufacturing nature and not damage caused by misuse of the products.

Specifically, the warranty covers repair for:

a) Strap that was cut
b) Logo/buckle gone
c) Broken zipper
d) Decorative element that was cut

To take advantage of the guarantee, all you need to do is go to the nearest THIROS store and deliver your bag WITH the purchase receipt. So, always keep your receipts!


The warranty period is one (1) year, starting from the day THIROS products were purchased and it is valid for one (1) repair per product!